Antifreeze Coolant Tester

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To ensure a perfect health of the car one should always keep a check on the coolant mixture with the help of an antifreeze coolant tester. Depending on the climatic conditions and other conditions for driving, a car should have 50% mixture for Antifreeze. Climate and driving conditions plays an important role in the determination of coolant mixture percentages. However, it is an important thing that a person knows about the perfect mixture that can suit their car’s requirements. Many coolant mixtures are there on the market that can help a person to a certain extent. However, one should always make sure that he or she gets an antifreeze coolant tester that holds good quality.

The user should always keep in mind no to remove or touch the coolant or radiator cap until the engine cools down a bit. One can get serious burns, if he or she touches the coolant, because it will be at high pressure. There is a need to take a sample from the coolant reservoir or the radiator in order to test the mixture with the help of antifreeze coolant tester. One can take the sample from which he or she finds it the easiest. The user should wait for some time for the engine to cool down to a certain extent. Open the coolant reservoir or the radiator cap after the engine gets cool, and then quickly take a sample of the mixture. Put the sample in a test tube for further investigation.
Antifreeze Coolant Tester
Once the user has collected the coolant sample, then the user will have to hold up the test tube in front of a light source. This will enable the user to see through the antifreeze coolant in the tube. Day time is the best possible time when one can make a check on the coolant. It may take some time to stabilize a bit. The antifreeze coolant tester does the rest for the user. User will have to look at the amount of balls that float on the test tube. Amount of balls depends on the level of protection that a car has against freezing. Markings are there on the test tube that will guide the user about how to make a test on the mixture.

One should keep few things in mind before buying the antifreeze coolant tester. Look for a tester that holds a good quality. It should be from a reputed industry in the market. Tester will allow the user to make an inspection on the sediment and rust. It gives an easy and a quick way for measuring the coolant mixture. If a person wants to extend his or her vehicle’s life, then that person should make a routing check on the maintenance of the car. Antifreeze coolant tester can be bought from any auto parts store in the market or from a lot of websites on the Internet. Some of them can also offer exciting gifts for every purchase. It is a beneficial thing to check the coolant two times in a year.

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