Antifreeze Coolant Types

Antifreeze Coolant Types :
There is numerous Antifreeze Coolant Types to select when one go for a well maintained store of auto parts. So, it is significant to know, which Antifreeze Coolant Type is better for your car. Though, many a times it is difficult to find out the OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer, which is used by your car.

In the effort o try to keep this usual times bewildering subject easy. There are reviews of the three common type of Antifreeze Coolant.

  • IAT- Inorganic Acid Technology
  • OAT- Organic Acid Technology
  • HOAT- Hybrid Organic Acid Tech.

IAT Antifreeze Coolant are a type of “traditional green” coolant. It is used nearly by all the vehicle holders in some countries from the last of 1920s to the last of 1990s. Just like all the other coolants, it is obvious that the color of the coolant comes from dye. Dissimilar to the other Antifreeze Coolant Types, it uses phosphate and silicate corrosion inhibitors for the purpose of protecting the cooling system and parts of the metal. Though, these corrosion inhibitors wear out speedily, so the coolant of IAT type has to be flushed for every 2 years.

OAT Antifreeze Coolant basically does not make use of phosphate and silicate corrosion inhibitors. Diverse producers make use of different additives of chemical for the purpose of defending corrosion and rust. Moreover, they dye their coolant and antifreeze with different colors. DEX COOL is a coolant of OAT type, which is dyed of orange color. Volkswagen, Audi, and Toyota all make use of their own methods to dye pink. Dark green dye is used by Honda. The coolants of OAT have long service life than the antifreeze coolants of IAT, which needs to be flushed after every five years.

HOAT Antifreeze Coolant make use of diverse additives than OAT. However, HOAT also uses some amount of silicate for the protection of aluminum surfaces. Chrysler, Modern Ford, and a majority of European vehicles make use of their own formulas of HOAT Antifreeze Coolant. Chrysler is dyed orange without the use of DEX COOL and ford is yellow. GO-5 marketing name is used by both of them. Just like OAT, the HOAT coolant has also the service interval of five years.
Antifreeze Coolant Types
For a swift guide of Antifreeze Coolant Types, you can review the summary below :-

  • 1. IAT: Is used I in 1920-90, in domestic vehicles.
  • 2. OAT: Is used in 1990s in most vehicles of asia.
  • 3. HOAT: Is used in 2000s in Chryslers, Fords, and a majority of European vehicles.

Mixture of Antifreeze Coolant :
Even though, one can mix the types of antifreeze coolant without any harm, the recommendation is against it. If any one mixes the HOAT or OAT with an IAT coolant, there is a possibility of loosing the extended life of HOAT or OAT coolant. Experts say that mixing of these coolants may result in the gelling of the coolant. However, keeping the cooling system maintained, this would not be a trouble. In short, it is recommended not to mix the different Antifreeze Coolant Types.

Antifreeze Coolant Types
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