Antifreeze Leaking from Car

Antifreeze Leakage & Reason
Antifreeze Leaking from Car is a bad sign as it’s an uncalled expense to car owner. A car driven in such a case could be prone to breakdown and therefore it should be checked at the earliest. Antifreeze Leaking from Car could be because of lot of reasons. Antifreeze is the key chemical compound used in the car radiator for a smooth performance of the car engine. Car engine emits lot of heat which could heat up the radiator and the liquid present in it. This liquid is nothing but antifreeze added to the radiator to control excessive heat which would keep the car performance intact.

Antifreeze leaking could be due to some breakage inside the engine. This could be damaged radiator as well. Freeze plug which has been running for quite some time could also lead to radiator antifreeze leaking. Antifreeze Leaking could also be judged from a typical smell the engine would throw.
Antifreeze Leaking from Car
Quick Fix for Antifreeze Leaking from Car
Engine is the soul of car. It’s imperative to ensure proper functioning of car engine. Antifreeze ratio and performance should be working fine for a successful engine. Antifreeze Leakage could be fixed easily. The moment you felt a usual odor from the car and find a thick colored liquid fallen on the ground it’s the antifreeze leakage. Check the engine and find out if the liquid is all over the engine. In the even when radiator or freeze plug are malfunctioning it’s recommended to take the car to the car shop and get the two fixed. Also check if it’s required to change the antifreeze due to Antifreeze Leaking.

Unknown Facts About Antifreeze Leaking from Car
At times when the water pump in the car gets damaged it also starts leakage. This should not be confused with Antifreeze Leaking from Car. Also there could be a possibility of leakage in the heater core of the car. This would also leave some fluid on the ground and should not be thought as Antifreeze Leaking. At times even the thermostat of the car needs repair which may leak in the event of damage. Thermostat could also be replaced easily and hence would ensure no odor or leakage in the car. Car Antifreeze level should be test and checked once in every two weeks. Car owners should ensure a detailed inspection of the car after every fifteen days to avoid any last minute surprises.

Antifreeze Leaking from Car
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